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Chrestomanci Chronicles - Mini-Review

Diana Wynne Jones is one of my favorite new authors (and one I wish I had discovered when I was a kid!) I find myself getting lost in her books…and Jason enjoys them too. Interestingly, I have found that sometimes her books start a little bit slow (I especially felt this way about The Magicians of Caprona) but as I keep reading, I get more and more pulled in until the end when I can't wait to see how she pulls everything together. I also have to say that D.W. Jones writes the best cats into her books. (I would love to have a cat named Throgmorten...maybe...). Please note that she writes for all ages, including young adult, so be sure to check the books out first before choosing them for your child.

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Bunnicula - Mini-Review

A great series authored by the family dog, Harold. Really funny story about how Bunnicula comes to live with the family (he is found in the movie theater during a showing of Dracula). The family cat, Chester, becomes convinced that Bunnicula is really a vampire bunny because he sleeps during the day and vegetables are mysteriously sucked dry of all their juices during the night. Ahh...the horror!

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