The State of the State of Things

U Street NW, Washington DC 2019

U Street NW, Washington DC 2019

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Each time I write one of these posts—posts contemplating where I am headed with this blog—I wonder if I am starting to sound like a broken record. Or a person who can’t quite figure out what she wants to do (or get her act together to do it.) I hope that I sound like someone who is living her way into what she wants to do, as imperfectly as that may appear to be unfolding. Because it is unfolding. It’s just that while it is unfolding, life is happening. And life takes time. To live. To process. To learn from.

In a nutshell, unfolding can feel messy. It can feel inefficient. Especially when it does not have much to publicly show for itself. Especially when it seems that so many other people are out there with lots to show for themselves.

So this is mostly to say that I am still here. Still working my way into what I want to do with my blog. On good days I am finding this process fascinating. Which is a good thing because if I did not, it would not be worth doing. I’m taking the fact that I am still here, still working on it, not quite willing to give it up, as a sign that there is something left for me to learn from it.

For now that is enough.