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Early Morning Musings

Reaping the benefits this morning of cleaning off the porch and patio furniture yesterday. (The pollen that comes with spring in Virginia is no joke!) Also reaping the benefits of the first weekend in a month where I don’t have to be anywhere or have to pack to be anywhere.

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Nurturing our child’s spirit

I’ve been realizing I want to give myself more time and space for my thoughts recently so I decided I would do a bit of freewriting yesterday morning and see where that took me. We are discussing nurturing your child’s spirit this week in the Homeschool Alliance which felt like a good place to start. It’s one of the superpowers in The Brave Learner and if I’m honest, it’s one of my favorites (though I do have to admit, I have several favorites.)

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The Ongoing Process of Figuring Out This Life Thing Continued...

If you look back just two posts ago, you will see that I wrote with great excitement about feeling as if I might have found my motivation for moving forward with this blog. Of course, that was about a year ago and I have only posted once since then. So maybe not.

Yet here I am once again, feeling the pull to write. To share. To muse.

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