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Weekend Reading - July 25th

​OK, so I am cutting it close, but it is still the weekend. And if you are on the east coast, most likely you are looking for some indoor stuff to do as we are being hit by a pretty substantial heat wave. Here in Ocean City, we have been in the high 90s with the heat index near 105. Back home in Virginia they have been hit even harder with temps in the low 100s and heat indices even higher.

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Hokie History

I am an absolute geek at times. The new History and Historical Data of Virginia Tech pages over at the Virginia Tech website have me completely giddy. Give me links to a great video about the history of Virginia Tech as well as tons of old photos and I am there. Add to that, information about every aspect of Virgina Tech life (students, administration, facilities, athletics and more) and I could get lost for some time.

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Great Kids Magazines

​When it comes to Christmas, I always struggle with how to balance the "present getting" aspect of the holiday. One of the things that I like to do is find fun presents that we can use in our homeschooling. Takes some of the guilt out of the getting, if they are useful too. Magazines make wonderful presents that give all year long. A couple of our favorites include:

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