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Support Stripped: The Comics Documentary!

​We love comics around here. Webcomics, comic books, graphic novels, you name it. I remember growing up with so many favorites…GarfieldFamily CircusBloom CountyB.C.Beetle BaileyHi and LoisDick Tracy and yes, even Nancy. Of course, my all-time favorite comic was Peanuts. I not only read it religiously in the newspaper, but collected the books and absolutely devoured them. I still have many of the books, although they have now yellowed with age. I am just not willing to give them up

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We went to see WALL*E the day it opened. The boys had seen the previews and Kyle especially really wanted to see it (he has an affinity for "cute" things and WALL*E looked adorable). I have to admit that it was not anything like what I expected and I loved it! Besides the animation being incredible, the fact that they were able to tell a story with virtually no dialog through almost the first half of the movie blew me away. It is amazing how much you can get attached to a non-verbal trash compactor...and how much can be conveyed without words. Incredible. While I was watching it, I was wondering how this would capture really young kids (my boys 11 and 8 loved it). But from what I have read, it seems to spellbind all ages from preschoolers on up to adults.

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