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Reading Readiness

In the comments on my last post, Christine dropped a not-so-subtle hint that she would love to read more right-brained learning posts. And she is right, I have not written too much about that or about our homeschooling lately. Maybe because it is summer? Not sure. But I do have a couple of posts that I wrote on the Homeschooling Creatively email list that I have been meaning to use as a jumping off point for a blog post. I figure that this is as good a time as any.

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Cheating? (Part 1)

Cindy has a post over on Life Without School called To Copy is to Cheat; Or is It?. In it she explores the concept of "cheating" with respect to kids' learning. 

She gives examples of times when her children used techniques to improve their skills that could on first glance be dismissed as "cheating" but in reality were very effective methods of improving specific skills. Whether it is tracing a picture, copying a storyline, reading a book that is "too easy" or using the answers to figure out how a problem works, it can be easy to write off these activities as "not real learning."


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