SmugMug It Is!

I mentioned in my last post that SmugMug had announced that they were unveiling a newly revamped SmugMug this week and that while I had been thinking of moving to Flickr I would wait and see what they had to offer.

Well, the verdict is in and I am staying with SmugMug. I guess I am a sucker for having a lot of control over what my sites look like (I'm with Squarespace for my blog for similar reasons) and Smugmug beats Flickr there hands down. The left-brained side of me really loves the organizational process (for my photos and my blog!) and Smugmug has made that infinitely easier now.  

It is not perfect and I am finding that there are still some limitations (I can't pick and choose which galleries go on which pages) on the whole is really easy to use and I have a lot of options. 

I've updated my My Photo Galleries page to link to the individual photo galleries over at SmugMug. I find the interface over there and the display options nicer than what is available here at Squarespace. They really do make uploading and organizing very easy now. Which makes it more likely that I will keep up on keeping things updated.

I've been having a lot of fun going back and reorganizing my photos online. I have a lot of photos that I have taken that I really like that are hidden on my computer and it is nice to let them see the light of day.

I'm enjoying the synergy of having a new organizational toy to play around with just at the time my interest in photography has started to increase again. I'm sure that I will be tweaking it quite a bit, but for now I am pretty happy with it.

Some of my favorites so far: 


So we will see where this goes, but so far I am having fun with it. I am going to keep my Flickr account but will probably only upload photos that I want to share in the groups there. That also solves another minor issue that I was having with Flickr...the Flickr photostream meant that my "photography" and my everyday pictures would be if I uploaded a large amount of "activities" type of pictures, it would "push out" my photos that I would prefer to highlight. Not a huge issue, but one that bugged me at a certain (anal) level. 

SmugMug allows me to highlight the photos that I want to highlight through the galleries that I create. And that works for me.