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Right-Brained Learner Links - Cindy Gaddis

Cindy Gaddis is an incredible source of information about right-brained learning. Her book, The Right Side of Normal is due out in Fall 2012. She has developed a Collaborative Learning Process based on the learning and developmental stages that she observed while homeschooling her children.

  • Right Side of Normal
    Cindy's website. Lots of right-brained learner information as well as links to outlines of her Right-Brained Learner conference talks and information about her upcoming book, The Right Side of Normal.
  • Homeschooling Creatively
    Email list moderated by Cindy and myself for those who want to learn more about homeschooling these wonderfully creative kids. Come talk with other parents about the joys and as well as the more challenging aspects of homeschooling right-brained learners!
  • Natural Learning Development for Right-Brained Children
    Provides information about the normal developmental timetable of right-brained kids. This timetable is often at odds with more traditional learning timetables and expectations which often results in it looking as if right-brained kids are "struggling."
  • The Collaborative Learning Process
    Cindy's take on learning ages and stages. Wonderful resource for understanding "normal" timetables for right brained learners (which will often be different than "typical").

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