Throwing Marshmallows
Throwing Marshmallows
“Learning can only happen when a child is interested. If he’s not interested, it’s like throwing marshmallows at his head and calling it eating.” ~ Katrina Gutleben

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Understanding Myers-Briggs Cognitive Functions

The key for me in getting the most out of Myers-Briggs is understanding the underlying framework of Carl Jung's cognitive functions which takes things well beyond the four-letter code that most people are familiar with. The basic theory is that you have perceiving or information gathering functions (Intuition and Sensing) and judging or decision making functions (Feeling and Thinking). Which ones you use and in which order helps define your Myers-Briggs type (and can give you a lot of insight into your strengths and weaknesses.)

Personality Hacker: "Car Model"

Personality Junkie: The 8 Personality Functions (Typology 201)

Personality Junkie: The 8 Functions

Type in Mind: Type Theory

I'm an ENFP, which means that my "function stack" is as follows:

Dominant: extroverted iNtuition (Ne) - making connections by being out in the world, focused on what could be
Auxiliary: introverted Feeling (Fi) - making decisions based on personal values and how something feels to you
Tertiary: extroverted Thinking (Te) - making decisions based on what works and what gets the job done
Inferior: introverted Sensing (Si) - remembering how things have been done in the past, valuing precedent, safety and doing the reliable thing

Websites/Facebook Groups

Personality Hacker
Personality Hacker is an organization designed to help people leverage their own mental processes to optimize whatever can be optimized: productivity, communication, job satisfaction, and most importantly – happiness. When we get these needs met we stop being so myopic and start seeing a bigger picture. Learn your unique genius and how to optimize your life for it.

Intuitive Awakening
We here at Personality Hacker established this Facebook group to create a community of GROWTH focused individuals. 

Personality Junkie
Welcome to Personality Junkie! Ever since our founding in 2009, we have aimed to provide transformative insights and expert analyses through the lens of type. Viewing self-awareness as an essential precursor to personal growth, we strive to illuminate psychological realities that readers may have failed to see or understand on their own. We believe that knowing and understanding your type, as well as your type’s functions, is critical.

Type in Mind
The Type in Mind Type Theory is a functions-based personality type sorter, based on the work of Swiss psychiatrist, Carl Jung. Our intention is to provide people with language to better communicate with others, and promote self-awareness and deeper connection with both oneself and the world.


Personality Hacker
Personality Hacker teaches you the coding language of your mind and how to use it to create great relationships - a fulfilling career and happiness.

Personality Junkie
This podcast provides in-depth explorations of human psychology and transformative insights related to the Myers-Briggs and Jungian personality types.


Books - Myers-Briggs

Reading People is a good high-level introduction to various personality systems, including Myers-Briggs and Enneagram. Please Understand Me was the first book I read which contained an incredibly accurate description of myself in a positive light and is what sent me off down the path of learning more about personality types. It was a good foundation and helped me understand a lot about the various types, but I find the cognitive function framework more helpful to me now.



Understanding the Nine Enneagram Types

The Enneagram is a fascinating lens through which to learn about yourself. It focuses on your underlying motivations (anger, fear, shame) rather than your actions. This focus can give it a bit more of a "negative" framing which at first can feel daunting, but the more you explore, the more you find how powerful it can be. 

In the Enneagram, there are 9 basic types and then it gets more complicated with wings, integration / disintegration points, instincts, and tri-types. But you don't need to understand those in the beginning. Figuring it all out is a process of discovery overtime and how the growth unfolds. 

Enneagram Institute: How the Enneagram System Works

Enneagram Institute: Type Descriptions

The Narrative Enneagram: Tour the 9 Types

I'm a Type 9w1, with a self-preservation instinct, often called the Peacemaker. Type 9s can be described as follows (from the Enneagram Institute):

The Easygoing, Self-Effacing Type: Receptive, Reassuring Agreeable, and Complacent
Nines are accepting, trusting, and stable. They are usually creative, optimistic, and supportive, but can also be too willing to go along with others to keep the peace. They want everything to go smoothly and be without conflict, but they can also tend to be complacent, simplifying problems and minimizing anything upsetting. They typically have problems with inertia and stubbornness. At their Best: indomitable and all-embracing, they are able to bring people together and heal conflicts.

Basic Fear: Of loss and separation
Basic Desire: To have inner stability "peace of mind"
Enneagram Nine with a One-Wing: "The Dreamer"
Key Motivations: Want to create harmony in their environment, to avoid conflicts and tension, to preserve things as they are, to resist whatever would upset or disturb them.

Websites/Facebook Groups

Progressive Enneagram
The Progressive Enneagram facebook group is the gateway for all progressive enneagram tests and other progressive enneagram endeavors. This is a group site to help those who are new or relatively new to the enneagram to learn the basics and take a few steps (maybe the first few) along the road of self-discovery. 

Enneagram Place
Facebook group hosted by Ian Morgan Crone. A place of safe conversation to talk about the Enneagram to help you become your best and truest self. 

The Enneagram Institute
The Enneagram Institute®, formed in 1997 by the late Don Richard Riso and by Russ Hudson, was formed to further research and development of the Enneagram, one of the most powerful and insightful  tools for understanding ourselves and others.   At its core, the Enneagram helps us to see ourselves at a deeper, more objective level and can be of invaluable assistance on our path to self-knowledge. 

The Narrative Enneagram
The Narrative Enneagram is an educational nonprofit dedicated to transforming lives and creating a more compassionate world. Our mission is to refine and advance Narrative Tradition programs to transform human consciousness through our unique and unparalleled curriculum, which integrates psychological, spiritual and somatic practice.


Podcasts can be especially helpful when trying to determine your type. I've gotten valuable insights by listening to people talk about how their type manifests in their lives. Different types often have a different "energy" that comes through in interviews. 

Personality Hacker 
Personality Hacker teaches you the coding language of your mind and how to use it to create great relationships - a fulfilling career and happiness. Covers various personality type models, including the Enneagram.

Welcome to Typology, a podcast that explores the mystery of the human personality and how we can use the Enneagram typing system as a tool to become our most authentic selves. Hosted by author, speaker, and counselor, Ian Morgan Cron, Typology features interviews with recognized Enneagram teachers, bestselling authors, psychologists, theologians, artists, business leaders, neuroscientists, and others who are using the Enneagram as a path for personal transformation.

The Enneagram Journey
Using the wisdom of the Enneagram, and ongoing discussion and conversation, we will grow compassion for ourselves and others, as well as a better understanding for why we do what we do!

Books - Enneagram