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From 2006-2008, I was a featured author on the community blog, Life Without School. The blog is no longer active, however, the archives remain up and it is a wealth of information. I wrote some of my favorite posts over there, and although I have linked to them at various times on this blog, I wanted to pull them all together in one place.

It’s Not the Child

Sheltering Kids

Learning What is Not Necessary

Time is a Homeschooler's Best Friend

How Can You Learn If You Can't Read?

The "Right" Way

Knowing When To Push

A Great Lesson to Re-Learn

How Jason Learned to Read

To Label or Not to Label

Do Homeschooled Kids "Miss Out?"

Who's in Charge?

The Curriculum Question

Answers to All Those Pesky Homeschooling Questions We Get

I Don't Know How You Do It

The Isolated Homeschooler

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