The Ongoing Process of Figuring Out This Life Thing Continued...

If you look back just two posts ago, you will see that I wrote with great excitement about feeling as if I might have found my motivation for moving forward with this blog. Of course, that was about a year ago and I have only posted once since then. So maybe not.

Yet here I am once again, feeling the pull to write. To share. To muse.

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The Ongoing Process of Figuring Out This Life Thing

So lately I have been feeling a bit adrift. Going through my days. Getting things done. But not really feeling excited by much. Which I find frustrating because the truth is that I have complete control over my schedule and my life. Which would seem to imply that I should be able to figure out a way to have it work and not feel as frustrated,  right? 

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Weekend Ponderings: Ocean City Edition

Decided to head out to Ocean City for the weekend, not only to get away but also to meet up with my contractor to pick new siding and windows. Seems that 30-year old siding does not hold up particularly well to Noreasters and it is time for something new. I've always hated the drab gray color, so am looking forward to sprucing things up a bit. 

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