Zoo Classes

Yikes! Temperature is only in the low teens today, glad that we do not have to go anywhere until later this afternoon (the boys had pottery).

Of course yesterday was pretty chilly too (in the low 20s) and we had our second class scheduled at the National Zoo. But we still managed to have fun. I kept trying to convince the boys that it was not "cold" but merely "brisk", but they were not falling for it.

Luckily the class was inside! It was "How Do You Zoo" and the kids learned about the different jobs at the zoo. You can see pictures here. They got to prepare (pretend) meals for the different animals, look at x-rays, scoop (pretend) poop and much more.

Afterwards, we treaked (quickly!) over to the Gorilla enclosure to take a look at the newest addition...a new baby gorilla who was born on Sunday! So incredibly cute. And we swung by the Small Mammals exhibit on the way back to the car and were lucky to be there for a "Meet the Mammal" presentation where we got to see Naked Mole Rats really close up. Really cute in an ugly sort of way. And really big teeth!

Again, it was wonderful to visit the zoo at this time because the zoo volunteers have plenty of time to chat and talk about what they do. What fun. I think that we have one more class scheduled in February. Should be fun.

I also have pictures posted over at flickr from our last zoo class as well.