You Are Not Alone


For those of you who think that all other homeschoolers have their act together all the time and no one but you worries, check out Jackie's post, Overwhelmed, on Life Without School.

I know here is where I'm supposed to pull out the surprise "life is great" happy ending. This is where I tell you that Gabriel did pass his test and gee, what a lesson I learned, and isn't testing really wonderful. This is where I tell you that I bought Sequential Spelling and Clorox Colorado mix-ups are a thing of the past.


Jackie does an incredible job at capturing the worry and the struggle that goes along with this job we have undertaken. Trying to meet the needs of our children, while constantly second guessing ourselves as to whether we are doing the right thing (especially when our child's needs may not mesh with society's expectations). There are so many conflicting pressures out there, it can most definitely be overwhelming.

Recently someone on one of my email lists posted about how it seemed as if everyone else out there knew what they were doing all the time whereas she was scared to death that she was screwing things up. But in reality, we all are just winging it and we all have our doubts. And that is ok.

So thanks Jackie for sharing your worries with us. And you are right. I wouldn't trade this life for anything.