Yes, I am Still Alive

Just a quick note that, yes I am still alive. I had not planned on taking quite so long of a break..amazing how time can fly. I actually have a lot that I want to write about, just can’t quite seem to find the time to sit down and organize my thoughts.

I have a lot going on right now “in real life” but I am learning to trust that it all works out the way it needs to work out. And amazingly, it does. Or at least it has for the last 42 years of my life. Mind you, it does not always work out the way I want it to work out, but work out it does. And life goes on.

I appreciate folks sticking around. Feel free to check out the archives and I have gathered some of my favorite posts here. Be sure to subscribe to my feed (that way you won’t have to check in to see if I am back!)

Back soon I hope!