Yes, another Ellie Update…

I'm back! I promise to start writing about homeschooling soon…but just a few quick updates on Ellie. And more pictures! We had her groomed and they had to cut her really short (that is what happens when you don't brush her for a week!) She looks like a totally different dog!

Ellie Before:


Don't you love those snow boots! I had to defrost her in the sink to get the snow off…)



A boy and his fluffy dog…

And Ellie after:



There really is a dog under there…



You can see her eyes!


Kyle actually does not like the short hair Ellie, so I think that we will try to keep her a bit longer (now that we know what kind of brush to use!).

Her pooping issues continue…turns out that she has giardia (the initial in-house analysis came back negative for parasites, but when they sent it out, it came back positive). So she is on a different round of medication and still on her chicken and rice diet. Hopefully this will do it. Keep your fingers crossed.

On the plus side, the boys have learned a lot about protozoans and flagellates and amoebas etc. The internet is a wonderful thing.

On the negative side, we had to postpone the dog training classes because she is contagious. And we have no idea what we are doing! So I am trying to do some reading and hoping that we muddle through.



How could you not love this face?


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