Yea! Halloween Won’t Be Ruined!

Some background…the boys had very specific ideas of what they wanted to be for Halloween. Jason wanted to be a Mage (a type of wizard) and Kyle wanted to be a Ranger (an archer) from Runescape (an online fantasy game they play). They each had very specific ideas of what these costumes would look like. So we spent a bunch of time searching the web for just the right robes and costumes. And managed to find them. So on October 10th, I placed the order. And then nothing.

I assumed that they would ship within a day or so but no word. So after waiting a week, I went to email them to see when they were going to ship. When I pulled up the receipt, I noticed the fine print that said that they would take up to 10 business days (!) to ship! Yikes. That meant that the earliest they would be shipped was this Wednesday, October 24th! And all I could do was wait and cross my fingers that they got shipped on time.

Oh and the other worrisome thing was that I was not 100% sure that I had ordered the right sizes. They said that a size 5-7 (which is what Kyle is) would fit a 3-4 year old! I gambled that the sizes were right and that the ages were wrong. But I was not sure. Which meant that if they did not fit we would be really scrambling. The boys had come up with backup costumes from capes and whatnot that we already had, but they really had their hearts set on the ones that we had found.

Needless to say, I have been holding my breath waiting for them to get here. Which they did today! And they fit! Yea! Crisis averted and Halloween is saved.


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