Wordle and Politics

Seems as if the Boston Globe has discovered Wordle and used it on the official campaign blogs. Turns out that the one of the most frequent terms used on the McCain blog in the past week has been "Obama".

Not that this is an exact science but it is interesting that McCain seems to be much more willing to talk about Obama than  himself and his vision for the country.

I think I may need to take a break from political coverage as it is getting too frustrating for me to watch the ridiculuous-ness of it all. Does anyone really think that htting McCain for his poor energy record and policy ideas is the same thing as comparing Obama to Brittney and Paris or saying that he has a Messianic complex? Really? So much for a grown-up discussion of the issues affecting our country...but after all, it is politics. Say anything, even if it is a lie and if it gets traction, you win.