that it is too early to leave? I still have a few weeks left and it is not time for summer to be over. The weather here has been gorgeous…crisp, clear, cool…mid-70s. My favorite kind of weather…if it is fall! But not if it is still mid-August and if I am not ready for summer to be over. This is still beach time and I need beach weather, not football weather! I keep reading on homeschool lists how folks are starting to think about the next year. Some local schools are getting ready to start in the next week. I keep getting Land's End and LL Bean emails that have fall clothes and all the stores seem to be full into "Back-to-School" mode.

But summer is not over! I won't let it be. We still have not decided when to come home (we usually come home sometime in early September). I guess it depends on if summer decides to show her face again. Which I hope that she will. I am not ready to come home. I don't want to get into our "fall schedule".

So please, if you happen to see summer, let her know that she does not have to leave. And, yeah, I hear ya. People who get to spend the summer at the beach have no right to complain…

Thanks for letting me whine…



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