Whoops! Knew I Would Miss It...

Wouldn't you know. I did remember it on October 30th. I just forgot to actually post about it. Story of my life.

On October 30th, Throwing Marshmallows turned 3 years old. Over that time, I moved from Blogger to HomeschoolJournal.net and finally found my home here at Squarespace with my very own domain name (I think I will stay awhile.)

I have poked around but can't seem to find an easy way to see exactly how many posts I have made. But you can do some poking around yourself and see that I am usually quite talkative (though I am going through a bit of a dry spell right now!)

My first post was back on October 30, 2005 (Where to Start).

My most popular post by far was on August 15, 2008 (About That ADHD Serving A Purpose Thing). I am still getting hits from StumbleUpon.

Some of my favorite search terms have been:

  • how to make organic marshmallows.com (I have no idea!)
  • right brain memorizing techniques homeschool right brain (with search terms like that they were bound to find me!)
  • why can't homeschoolers go to go tech (hopefully this is not true!)
  • the things we can do with marshmallows (I won't ask)
  • coping with being right brained (not too hard actually, much harder for the left-brained mom than the right-brained kid!)
  • marshmallows sherlock holmes (I really have no idea)
  • using marshmellows to teach kids to be quiet (really? this can be done?)
  • homeschool henchman (makes us sound so evil...)
  • liberal homeschooling moms (yes, we exist!)
  • palin marshmallows (won't go there)
  • dumb people are right brained (probably a little bummed to find my blog)
  • "her feet arewere biggerlargerlonger than" (won't go there either)
  • is it safe to eat marshmellows cook off a gas stove (I have no idea...)

Well, thanks to everyone for hanging around with me. I do hope to get back in the groove of posting soon. Here's to another great year!