What we are reading

We have been into some good books lately, so I figured that I would mention them…

In the car, we have been listening to The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan. The boys absolutely love it. As in we sit in the car in the garage when we get home so that we can listen to the end of the chapter. As in they get excited if we have to drive anywhere because they get to listen to it. It is about a 12 year old boy who finds out that he is Poseidon's son…a half-blood and has to go on a quest to retrieve Zues' lost master thunderbolt. Lots of humor, (I love the titles of the chapters) and lots of action. It is great to find a book that both boys (and myself) really enjoy.

Kyle and I have been working our way through the Time Warp Trio books by Jon Sczieska. Kyle is just getting into longer chapter books (he still enjoys longer picture books as well). I am just glad that I survived the Magic Treehouse Books. The Time Warp Trio books are similar, but much more enjoyable to read. They have a lot more humor as well. They are about 3 boys who have a magic book that takes them back into different time periods.

Jason and I are reading The Book of Three by Lloyd Alexander. Good fantasy book with a kind of complicated plot. We are about half way through and I am not sure how it is going to turn out. We both are enjoying it.

Jeff and Jason are reading Gregor The Overlander. Jason likes it a lot, I don't think that Jeff is as thrilled with it. I may need to get the second book on tape for Jason.

We are also reading lots of other miscellaneous books. Jason is really enjoying the Theoni Pappas math story books like Fractals, Googols and Other Mathematical Tales and we have started reading the Murderous Maths series that are really funny and talk a lot about different math topics.

Kyle is still very much into birds, so we have been reading a lot of Usborne books and DK books on birds. Hummingbirds seem to be his favorite and we may need to try to set up a hummingbird feeder this spring.

I had thought at one time that it would be neat to keep a record of all the books that we read, but I realize now that would be impossible. We do enjoy our books though!