What Fun!

Finally got home tonight after being stuck on I95 for way too long. I am exhausted so won't write much other then to say that I LOVE VAHOMESCHOOLERS CONFERENCES! I can't tell you how much fun I had and how great it was to meet so many folks that I know online.

I will write more tomorrow, but did want to say that I survived another bout with the stomach flu that hit Saturday morning (what is it with this thing?? It seems to come back in the morning and evenings…still not feeling 100%). Luckily Parrish (my wonderful friend and conference chair) was able to jump in and cover my Beginning Homeschool session for me. I was feeling much better by the afternoon and was able to do the panel session "Won't Your Child Grow Up To Be Stupid?". And I was feeling fine enough to do my Beginning Homeschool session on Friday afternoon…so at least I got one chance to do it!

And I got my first chance of dealing with the press! We had two reporters and photographers come by the Conference on Friday. You can read the article that ran Saturday morning in the Richmond-Times Dispatch (and yes, they misquoted me (my first!)…I did say that the percentile cut-off for the standardized testing is the 23rd percentile, not the 25th).

And I got to meet Cindy! Who is just as wonderful in person as online. Her presentations on right brained learners and learning style were great to see in person. And we had just so much fun gabbing and talking and comparing notes. It was also fascinating how much her presentation overlapped and complemented that of one of our other featured speakers, Jeanne (who is also one of my favorite people). The two of them really hit it off at the conference and all three of us ended up talking for almost four hours over breakfast and on the sofas of the hotel lobby this morning before having to head for home. I think the awesome homeschooling conversations you end up having have to be the best part of any conference. How wonderful to be surrounded by people who get what you do and why you do it.

Ok..this is getting way longer than I meant to write tonight and I have not even touched on the main conference part…or all the neat stuff that I got at the resource fair…or all the people I finally got to meet in person…or the fun we had…or how great all our volunteers were…or how incredible our conference chairs Parrish and Traci are…or how I can't wait to do this again…or how much sleep I really need…