What Do You Get...

When you cross a water gun fight with a pot luck dinner? A wonderful way to spend a summer day for kids and moms alike!

We decided that a BYO Water Gun/Pot Luck would be a fun way to get to see our friends one last time before we head out to Ocean City (Maryland) for the summer, so we invited 10 families over for the fun. And what fun it was! The boys were so excited...they were counting down the days and then the minutes.

The weather was perfect (thank goodness...earlier this week it has been unseasonably muggy with temperatures near 100 but that broke with an awesome thunderstorm on Wednesday. The kids had the run of the backyard, water guns, trampoline and slip and slide. We moms got to hang out on the porch and eat yummy salads and talk to our hearts content.

The boys want to turn this into an annual event, and I think that I agree with them!

Good food. Good friends. Happy kids. Happy moms. It does not get better than that! We are truly blessed. 

And now only two more days until we leave for the beach!