What A Difference A Day Makes…

Today was still hot and humid, but not nearly as bad as yesterday. The wind shifted again and, instead of being hot like yesterday, was a bit more cooling. We went kayaking in the late morning. The boys got to try out their new paddles (which worked much better). I was good and let Jason deal with his frustration in the beginning (instead of trying to help him fix it which makes him even more frustrated!) and by the end he was doing really well. Kyle likes being able to help me paddle.

We then went to the beach a bit later in the afternoon (around 2:30 or so) and stayed until after 5pm. The waves were a bit rough. Now that the water is warm enough for me to go in, I have started boogie boarding with the boys which is a lot of fun. Unfortunately I got bent over backwards by a wave in a way that a nearly 40 year old body should never be bent and had to take a breather. I thought for sure that I would be paying for it this evening, but luckily my back seems fine.

A front seems to be coming through and we are getting some much needed rain. It has cooled off nicely…in the mid 70s as opposed to the upper 80s it was last night around this time.

Ah well, I know that I can't complain…there are much worse things than being hot and humid while at the beach!