Weekend Reading - August 18, 2013


Ok, so the weekend is technically just about over, but I still wanted to get these links posted. The big news this week is that Jason got behind the wheel for the first time. He managed to keep us out of the canal next to the parking lot where he was practicing, so I will consider that a success. 

Hope you find something interesting. 

Some goofiness: 

And a bit of politics for fun: 

  • Race, Lead, and Juvenile Crime  - I've been following the reporting of Kevin Drum on this issue for a little while now and find it extremely compelling. It's something that definitely puts to question how much our environment affects the outcome of our lives vs what we truly have control over. Original reporting can be found here: America's Real Criminal Element: Lead and 
  • Conservatives don’t get that some problems are public, and it’s hurting them - of course this seems to be a fairly fundamental difference between conservatives and liberals (at least as far as it plays out in US politics lately). I definitely agree that government can't fix every problem (and in some cases can cause more problems than it solves). But I do believe that there are some roles that government can and should play (and can do well).

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