Weekend Reading - April 13, 2014

I've been busy this weekend...I just put down a deposit for new bamboo floors to be installed upstairs and on half the downstairs, finally achieving my goal of getting rid of all the carpet in this house. They are scheduled to go in right after Easter, so my new goal is to paint as much of the upstairs as possible (at a minimum all the baseboards). Jason and I started painting Jason's room back in October and it has been sitting in that half-painted, things pulled out from the walls state since then while too many other things have taken priority. It has been bugging me, but it has been a lesson in realizing that things get done when they need to get done so it is better to just trust the process and not worry so much over it.

Kyle is off to the Bahamas with his Dad for 10 days (Jason choose to stay home since he would have had to miss two classes of his Western Civ course he is taking at Northern Virginia Community College). The timing could not have worked out better, since Jason is mostly working independently at this point which frees me up this week to focus on getting the house ready for the new floors. Gotta love the serendipity (although I am finding it very weird to only have one kid and am definitely missing having him around).

Here are a few links that I have been posting to Facebook that I thought might be fun to capture here as well.

A couple of things that brought a smile to my face:

Some things to remind me to breathe:

And some links to expand my mind:

Happy reading!