We Made It Home!

We decided to not go to Baltimore on Friday before heading home and that was probably a good choice. It took me way longer to finish packing up everything then I thought (isn't that always the case?). As it was, we did not get out of Ocean City until around 3pm…after a stop at the Candy Kitchen and Conners (their penny machine is finally back in order!) we were off. It seemed as if everything that morning was trying to make it harder for us to go and taking f.o.r.e.v.e.r. And of course it was a beautiful day which made it even harder!

But we did make it out finally and did make it home (amazingly with no traffic!). We got home around 6:30pm, right in the middle of Jeff's Delta Solutions and Technologies Crab Fest which had started around 4pm at our house (it is all catered and held mostly outside so we did not really have to do much). Luckily I made it in time for crabs! The kids ran off for the moon bounce they had rented and proceeded to eat who knows how much ice cream.

Quite a homecoming indeed. But the party was fun and everyone had a good time. And I got to have several good conversations about homeschooling (it really is not my fault…it just always comes up! Honestly!). A few people were surprised to find out that we homeschool but everyone I talked with was very positive about it (although it was obvious they had no idea what it actually involves).

Spent today cleaning and unpacking and trying to remember where everything is!

Ah well…back to reality!