We Interrupt This Existential Crisis

Lots more stuff swimming round in my head, but I decided to take a break from it for a little while. I was updating my Smugmug account and realized that I had not posted some of the pictures that I have uploaded.

I am slowly working on getting older pictures up and gathering collections of pictures together. One of my favorite collections is Almost Annual Beach Photos. I realized after a few years that I seemed to wind up with some nice photos of the boys, shot from behind on the beach. Some of these, I just happened to catch…some I asked the boys to go stand down by the beach (if you look at 2010 you will see Kyle standing stiff-legged…he did not seem to want to relax for me!)

Some of my favorites:





Hope you enjoyed this little bit of summer as it gets cooler each day. You can see more in the gallery: Almost Annual Beach Photos