We are loosing our marbles!

As I mentioned yesterday, the boys discovered a marble book and all of a sudden are into all things marbles. So today, Jason wanted to know how marbles are made. What would we do without Google! We found a neat article on how they are made as well as information on the different types of marbles. Who would have known that there is a whole marble subculture out there on the internet! The boys have decided that their favorites are the bloodies (scroll down a bit to see the red, white and brown marbles).

Kyle especially has been doing a lot with them. He seems to be a collector by nature, so he has been sorting, building (he used them to make his footprint, go figure), lining them up and deciding which ones are his favorites.

I have to admit they are rather soothing to run your hands through. Uh-oh. Just what I need…another collectible….they even have a newsletter….