We Are Home!

Well, we made it home Sunday night. Tropical Storm Hannah turned out to be tons of wind and only one short lived band of rain. We went out to eat and then went down to the beach to see the ocean, which was incredible. Absolutely HUGE waves and incredible winds. Lots of pricker sand, as the boys like to call it. An awesome display of nature, made better by the fact there was no real danger or damage.

Been trying to catch up on things now that we are back home. Still unpacking and purging (cleaning the refrigerator is easier when you know the opened jar of salsa has been sitting there for at least 3 months). Parkday got rained out yesterday, which was a bummer as we were looking forward to seeing our friends. Today will be spent running errands as I get to pick up our dairy co-op (yea! fresh milk and sour cream!) and we need to pick up Jason some more shirts as he seems to have grown out of all of his again. We'll wait on picking up pants because it is still warm here and his shorts are fine. I am sure that if we picked up pants now, he would need new ones in a couple of months anyways. It finally hit me why we do not seem to have a problem with Kyle growing out of things...he gets all Jason's hand-me downs so he always has a variety of sizes ready for him. Luckily he actually enjoys getting Jason's old things (as long as they are still in good shape) and all the grandparents do buy him a fair amount of new things, so he is fine.

I had forgotten to mention a few other things that I am grateful to have here at home...a big one being our gas stove! I had forgotten how much I love our gas stove. So much easier to cook on. And just having more room...both inside and outside the house. The boys and Ellie are loving it. And our trampoline (which is not really usable in the summer heat anyways)...

Ah well, it is nice to be home. Hope to have time to post more soon. Lots of stuff going on.

Definitely glad to be home.

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