Want To Feel Good About Your Body?

I found links on Broadsheet to a whole host of articles with before and after photos of magazine covers. It seems that Photoshop retouching has taken on a life of its own.

Check out these before and after photos of Faith Hill. I mean, we all know that photos are retouched. But it really was not until I read the breakdown of what they changed that I realized how insidious it really is. So many small changes that make a big impact. And make perfectly normal, beautiful women look "perfect".

And lest you think that it is only women who get made over, Andy Roddick did not even recognize himself when his head was put on another body for Men's Fitness. Did they think that no one would notice?

Shoot, even Katie Couric is not "good enough" as is.

Folio Magazine ran an interesting article discussing this this issue. And all these posts reminded me about the video I posted last year which showed photoshopping at work. Too bad I can not find a video of when Jamie Lee Curtis came out with out being "fixed up" on Oprah to talk about how ridiculous it was. And that was how many years ago?

While all this does make me sigh and wonder what on earth our world is coming to, I also have to admit that it did me a world of good to see that Faith Hill (who is the same age as I am) has bags under her eyes just like me! Whew.


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