Unschooling Voices #12

Kim over at Relaxed Homeschool is hosting Unschooling Voices #12.

Wherever you live in this fine, big country-or adjoining country- chances are pretty good that you will spend February 1st gazing out the window at some snow or rain. If that is the case, then you have found the perfect antidote to all of that boring shoveling or digging around for raincoats. Why not sit on your duff a little bit longer and read these many great posts by unschoolers about why they unschool, how they unschool, what types of things will get you verbally pummeled on unschooling listsserves, how to transition from schoolish ways to unschooly ones and so forth? There is no shortage of ideas here and lots of fun and images to keep you unaware of the vitamin D that has been gradually oozing out of your system since late November.