To Label or Not to Label

I realized that I forgot to link to a post that I had up at Life Without School back in December, called To Label or Not to Label.

One of the issues that I have seen many homeschoolers wrestle with (and have wrestled with myself) is when and if you should have your child evaluated. How do you know if the problem that your child is having is a "real issue" or if it is just that he follows a different, normal-for-him development timetable? I know that I worried about having my child "labeled", yet I also worried about "missing" something important.

This is an issue that many homeschoolers wrestle with. One of the benefits of homeschooling is that we do not have to depend on the "experts" to tell us what our child needs. But sometimes it helps to get an outside opinion. The trick is trusting and educating yourself enough to know which is which.