Time to Breathe

I am feeling a bit decadent right now. It is two weeks before Christmas and I am in Ocean City…by myself. I tend to get very stressed around the holidays, so this year I decided to try to take a bit of a mid-holiday break and get away for a couple of days. We did not have much going on this weekend, so I decided to go for it.

I will say that it is a bit strange, but nice.

So what am I doing? Not much. A little bit of shopping. Catching up on my blogs. Some VaHomeschoolers work. Reading. Watching the rain. Listening to Christmas music. Lots of Christmas music because I really do not like a lot of what is on tv and the DVD player is broken and I refuse to go to Walmart to buy a new one. I will have to remember to pick one up back home.

Basically I'm just trying to get some breathing room. And hopefully it will work. I will say that it just seems as if there is more "space" here at the beach. Things are not so crowded. Things are not so rushed. So we will see.

The danger is that I will set my expectations too high and will try to get too much done while I am down here and then get frustrated at everything that I did not get done. I really am amazed at how easy it is to get caught up in everything and just forget to breathe.

So I am trying to remember to breathe.

Breathing is good. I like to breathe. Especially in the salt air.

I am sure that this weekend won't get rid of all my stress. But hopefully it will enable me to hold it at bay so that I can enjoy the rest of the holidays. Because I do enjoy the holidays. Really I do.

When I have time to breathe…

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