Tim Kaine Potential Veep?

Seems as if the speculation as to who will be Obama's Veep is increasing and Virginia Governor Tim Kaine's name keeps coming up. There is an interesting post over at the Carpetbagger that has some interesting info as to why he might be considered. I knew that Kaine had been a long time supporter of Obama's and that Obama has been doing a lot of campaigning in Virginia, but did not realize that he was under consideration.

I personally really like the job that Kaine has been doing here in Virginia (which makes me really wonder again (as I did when Mark Warner could not run again) at our weird 1 term limit for governors). I especially liked how he handled reporters right after the Va Tech shooting last year. 

Would I like to see Kaine as a VP? They certainly could do worse. I am not sure if he has the national stature for it though. I also am not thrilled that it seems (at least according to that post) as if one of his main "selling points" is his comfortableness with his religion...that to me should be beside the point when it comes to his ability to govern.  Luckily I do believe that Kaine has lots of other qualities to offer.

It will be interesting to see if anything comes from this speculation.