This and That

The problem with not posting for awhile is that I feel that when I finally come back, I should post something of substance. But then I get writer’s block about what to write about, so I don’t write. Which only feeds the cycle…so to hopefully help break it, I will just post about whatever and not worry about it.

  • The boys start Robotics camp tomorrow afternoon. Jason was also supposed to start a Rocket camp, but they cancelled it due to not enough kids signing up. Bummer. I think he would have really enjoyed it. The camp is only a half day camp, so not tons of time to “get things done” for me, but I am sure that they will have fun.
  • I can’t believe that it is already almost half-way through August. I feel like summer has only just begun. Partly because we came to Ocean City later than usual and partly because this summer has been unusually cool and it only seems as if it is just now warming up. We will be here through the first couple of weeks of September, so I guess we still have time.
  • I am working on something really neat on the VaHomeschoolers website. Can’t share quite yet, but folks have been working really hard on it and it is going to be pretty cool and helpful.
  • Jez is almost finished with her training class. The boys and I have had fun with it and she is much better at listening to formal commands. She is actually a really laid back puppy who pretty much listens to us, but it is fun to work with her.

Well, that is all for now. And it wasn’t even that hard.