Thinking Blogger and more…

I just had a chance to check in and see who was linking to Throwing Marshmallows lately and wound up finding a couple of really wonderful surprises. First to Kimmy over at shimmer.glimpse (how cool is that for a blog name!) who nominated me for a Thinking Bloggers Award. She wrote:

Connected to Life Without School is Stephanie Elms from whom I first heard the phrase ,"Learning can only happen when a child is interested. If she is not interested it is like throwing marshmallows at her head and calling it eating." This was her signature at the end of every message she posted on a very active Homeschool list that I used to read but can no longer eek out the time to read. Her blog, Throwing Marshmallows also deserves a Thinking Blogger Award . I've recently been reading her blog and enjoy her quick wit and homeschooling "style." She's another HS'er I'd like to meet.

I have to say that I like the Thinking Bloggers Award much better then normal blog awards which wind up being more like a popularity contest, with folks getting all their friends to "vote for them" rather then really being about the blog content. Rather then being about "votes" it is about identifying which blogs bring something into your life and make you think. So thanks Kimmy for thinking of me!

And then I found out that Helen Hegner (publisher of Home Education Magazine) in her HEM Takes a Closer Look post on Homeschool Blogging listed Throwing Marshmallows as a General Interest blog to check out:

Throwing Marshmallows Homeschooling mom Stephanie Elms' keen observations and insights.

And of course as fate would have it, at the same time I am getting these great links, I am also having trouble keeping up with my blogging! I do hope to eventually get back to almost daily posting…things are just really hectic right now…mostly having to do with my volunteer work with The Organization of Virginia Homeschoolers…between the Conference and Resource Fair (this July 20-21st at the Science Museum of Virginia in Richmond) and ongoing website updates (I am the webmaster) and everything else that it takes to keep the organization running, time is a bit short around here. Not to mention that spring has finally sprung and we have been taking advantage of being out of doors more.

Hopefully things will calm down a bit soon (come on, stop laughing! I can hope, right?) and I will have more time to post…in the meantime, please bookmark me, sign up for my email updates through Feedburner (see link on my right sidebar) or add me to your feed reader (I just switched to Google Reader and have really liked it! Check it out.)

And thanks for coming!