The Ongoing Process of Figuring Out This Life Thing Continued...


If you look back just two posts ago, you will see that I wrote with great excitement about feeling as if I might have found my motivation for moving forward with this blog. Of course, that was about a year ago and I have only posted once since then. So maybe not.

Yet here I am once again, feeling the pull to write. To share. To muse.

I'm realizing that I am in the middle of some pretty big transitions and have been doing a lot of contemplating about what "my role" is and should be. My role in my boys' lives now that we are no longer "officially" homeschooling. My role in my life now that I have turned 50. My role in the larger world where it does not feel right to not play a part.

I'm still working as a homeschool coach for Brave Writer's Homeschool Alliance and realizing that my identity is slowly starting to shift. I've mostly seen myself as a "homeschool mom" who had a part-time job on the side. So what happens when "homeschool mom" transitions to "homeschool coach"? What happens to a homeschool blog when the kids are no longer homeschooling?

While pondering these questions, I hit upon an overall theme that resonates with me. That of seeking understanding. Of ourselves. Of others. Of the larger world.

I like it. A lot. 

So I am in the process of shifting and updating things here at Throwing Marshmallows. I've created a Seeking Understanding page which I am very curious to see how it will evolve. I've started by curating some of my favorite personality type resources (Myers-Briggs cognitive functions and the Enneagram) as these have been incredibly helpful tools in not only better understanding myself but my boys and others as well. Seems as good a place to start as any.

I've also added a favorite podcasts page and updated/reorganized my favorite books page.

So that's where I am. For right now. 

I guess we will see where it takes me.