The Great Sunflower Project

A friend just forwarded information about The Great Sunflower Project which looks like a lot of fun.

By watching and recording the bees at sunflowers in your garden, you can help us understand the challenges that bees are facing.
    ~ It takes less than 30 minutes.
    ~ It's easy.
    ~ Free Sunflower seeds for planting.
    ~ No knowledge of bees required!
Enter your bee counts online or send us your paper form.

There is also lots of great information on bees and why they are collecting this data.

I had actually been thinking that I want to do a better job at growing things this summer…although I am going to start small. I think that we will do the sunflowers and try maybe some lettuce in pots on the deck down at the beach. I love the idea of having an actual garden, but never seem to get around to actually pulling it off. So I will be more realistic this year and maybe have some success!