That Elusive Sleep Thing

I keep waiting for this sleep rut that I seem to be in to pass, but no luck yet. All last week, I kept waking up for various reasons...the cats making noise, Kyle having a nightmare and wanting to snuggle, or even just not being able to stay asleep. I have had a lot going on and on my mind, so I guess that it is to be expected in some way.

But this weekend, it got kicked into overdrive. Friday night was awful and I woke up with some sort of intestinal bug. Luckily Jeff was down, so he was able to take Ellie to the groomers and hang with the boys while I pretty much stayed upstairs all day in bed (but not being able to sleep). Went to bed early on Saturday, only to be woken up with Jason feeling sick. Turns out that Jason somehow caught a stomach bug and spent most of Sunday trying not to throw up. Jeff took Kyle to the water park and I took care of Jason, who just could not fall asleep no matter how tired he was. Poor kid.

Jason finally fell asleep upstairs in our bed at around 9. Kyle and I watched the Olympics Closing Ceremony and then we crashed quickly.  I was awakened at around 1:30am to this awful hissing and screeching downstairs. Turns out there was a stray cat who came up near our back door and Sammie was pitching a fit from his side of the glass door. Went back to bed only to have Jason wake again at around 4am and go downstairs. He does not remember it and I am not sure he was completely awake. I was able to get him back upstairs and to sleep in his own room.

Oh and have I mentioned that I am having trouble falling back to sleep when I am woken up? Thank goodness for the Speaking of Faith podcasts. I find that listening to these as I fall asleep helps me turn off my mile-a-minute brain. And if I don't actually fall asleep, at least I have listened to something interesting.

Needless to say, I am still exhausted. Luckily Jason is doing much better today. No nauseousness, just a cough and stuffy nose. He is feeling much better. I need to head out to Home Depot to find something to block the fence where Ellie figured out that she could wiggle her way underneath it. Not sure what else we will do today. Probably take it pretty easy. Maybe watch some DVDs, although it is absolutely gorgeous out.

So please send some peaceful sleep vibes my way. I really do not do well without it...I get way to cranky and irritable. Not fun at all for me or the kids. It gets frustrating when I actually try to go to bed early and be good about getting my sleep, yet it still avoids me.

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