Thanks for the Memories Squished Penny Museum!

After 11 years, Pete Morelewicz and Christine Henry have closed their Squished Penny Museum.

Just got a link to this article in the Washington Post about the Squished Penny Museum closing it's doors. They are closing because, according to Christine Henry, co-founder:

The public remains as interested as ever in squished pennies, she insisted. Christine and her husband, Pete Morelewicz, would just like their weekends back.

For the museum, you see, is — or, rather, was — in the front hallway of the couple's LeDroit Park home.

I blogged about our homeschool field trip to the Squished Penny Museum in a post calld "What is a Squished Penny". It really was what jump started my collecting again. Christine and Pete are wonderful folks to have shared their home and their passion for pennies with so many. But I can't say that I blame them for wanting their weekend peace and quiet back.

The Washington Post even has a video interview with them. Check it out!