Thanks and Welcome!

I had not checked my stats for a little while, so was a little surprised to see a spike in my page views a week or so ago, not to mention a nice little uptick in my subscribers. While looking into it, I found that I had been listed as one of the top 10 homeschool blogs on How neat is that? Thanks so much for the recognition. It is nice to be listed with some other very informative blogs. Check it out.

I guess that means that I should probably start blogging about homeschooling again, huh? For those who are new here, my blogging tends to ebb and flow…I do my best to blog regularly, but am also trying not to beat myself up when I don’t. I always come back to it, so be sure to subscribe to my feed or get updates sent via email (see sign-up box in my left sidebar) to get notified when I have a new post.

I mostly blog about what is interesting to me at the time…so you will definitely see lots of homeschool stuff, but also lots of photography related stuff as well as posts about Children’s Literature. Sometimes more of one thing than the other, but overall I tend to be fairly balanced Hopefully it will be enough to keep you coming back!