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Hunkering Down

​Jeff left yesterday to batten down the hatches back home. He took the cats*** and a truck load of "stuff." The boys and I are hanging out in Ocean City until tomorrow to let Tropical Storm Hannah blow over. There are still some things left to pack, but the majority is finished.

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Calm(er) Oceans

We hit the beach today after a couple of days break due to the really rough ocean caused by Tropical Storm Bertha.  The waves were still strong, but nowhere near as rough as they were this weekend. We had spent most of the day at the beach on Saturday, but the boys wound up not going in too much. There were several strong riptides and the life guards were calling groups over several times to talk about beach safety and what to do if caught in a rip tide (drift/swim parallel with the shore until you are out of it...don't try to swim in).

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