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My Love-Hate Relationship with Gratitude

I have a complicated relationship with gratitude. On the one hand, I appreciate the benefits of it -- nearly everything you read extols its benefits. I'm currently delving into the area of positive psychology and once again, gratitude is high on the list of things to do to cultivate happiness. 

Yet any time I have tried to keep a regular gratitude journal, I have not found it to be much help for me.

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Trying Something New

For some reason, I have always been hesitant when it came to things like having a “gratitude journal” or cultivating an “attitude of gratitude”. Don’t get me wrong…I love the idea of gratitude and I do try to stay mindful of things for which to be grateful. But formalizing it in any way always seemed a bit contrived (any time I have tried to do it for myself anyways).

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