Summer Winding Down

Well, we are into our last week and a half before we head home from the beach. Actually we would probably be heading home sooner, except that we still have a few things still planned.

The weather here is decidedly has been in the 70s most of this week. Really beautiful, but not exactly conducive to hitting the beach. And seeing as we have been down all summer, the boys tend to be a bit picky over beach weather...they have no desire to go if they think they will be cold.

We are hanging out however, mainly because we have a photography session scheduled next week! I have wanted to get family pictures taken here at the beach for a couple of years now, but had not been able to find a photographer with the style I wanted. They all seemed to be of the "dress in khakis and blue shirts and sit on a dune" variety. Imagine my surprise when I was photography blog hopping and I happened upon a wonderful photographer, who has a style I like and who lives in Easton! And she is willing to travel. Yea!

I am really excited as she will be able to take pictures at different places and at the beach where we hang out. I'm really looking forward to it.

Then my in-laws are coming for the weekend to celebrate my father--n-laws 70th birthday. And then we will be packing up and heading home! It will be great to see all our friends again. I love our summers at the beach, but I also love coming home.