Summer Storms

Not sure what it is about storms at the beach, but they sure can be doozies. Having the water out in back of us, I find it fascinating that we can watch the storm as it rolls in from the west. We always see it coming a ways away...the lightning being visible well before the rain hits. And the lightning is much more intense than at home...bright streaks zigzagging down to the ground, huge flashes of light. I also wonder if part of what makes the storms seem so much stronger is that this house does not have the best insulation, so we can hear the rain pound and the wind blow much more than at home.

My favorite storm so far came a few days after we got down here. I was out with Ellie before getting ready to read to the kids. I called them out because there was an awesome lightning display way far off...we could see the clouds flickering and here or there a streak of lightning, but it was way off in the distance. Looked very nearly like a fireworks display behind the clouds. We went inside and a little bit later the storm hit...tons of wind, lots of lightning and then...hail pinging off the roof! We had another storm where the thunder sounded right above us and woke up the boys and myself.

I personally love storms. I love that rain is not totally predictable. My Mom used to take me outside on our huge front porch during storms and I loved the wet breeze and rain smell. I did the same thing with Jason and he seems to share my enjoyment of nature in its glory.

Kyle on the other hand has always been very wary of thunderstorms. When he was a toddler, he would run and find me at the first sign of thunder and ride out the storm on my lap, refusing to budge despite my many reassurances. He had no desire to join us on the porch and I never made him. Now, he does not need to be in my lap, but he is still a bit wary. If he sees raindrops, he wants to check the radar to see if there is any "yellow" coming. Knowing what is coming seems to make it easier for him. He hates to have any of us go outside even if the lightning is far off. He has gotten much better as he has gotten older, but you can tell he is not really thrilled when they are happening. No amount of my reassurances that we are safe inside the house seems to make a difference. I think part of this comes from him worrying about loosing power (something that happens more at home than at the beach believe it or not). Kyle also does not like being in the dark and goes to sleep with the lights on.

The storm going on now has some pretty intense lightning flashes. And some loud thunder. Kyle is asleep next to me. Jason will be headed to sleep soon I think. I am watching it out the sliding glass door in my bedroom that overlooks the water. A pretty awesome display.

I guess I should be thankful that it is not a tropical storm

Just kissed Jason good night and Ellie ran downstairs to go out before bed like she usually does. I opened the door but she changed her mind quickly. Can't say I blame her. 

Well, I am off to be lured to sleep by the not-so-soft sounds of rain on my roof...