Storynory - Great Audio Story Resource

Just discovered this wonderful storytelling resource - Storynory (have I ever said how much I love my homeschool email lists? You find out about the neatest things).

You can listen online or subscribe to their podcast and download lots of different types of stories…fairy tales (including ones from Hans Christian Anderson and the Brothers Grimm), mythology, animal stories, Aesop's Fables, Arabian Nights, Bible Stories, Poetry, you name it. They are also doing chapter installments of Alice in Wonderland. I had a lot of fun poking around and discovering the wealth of stories they have available (75 and counting).

We always have an audio book going in the car and I am always looking to find new resources that we can use. Podcasts are great because I can download them to my iPod and play them in the car. Plus they are free!

We currently enjoy Act!vated Storytellers (a podcast by a homeschool storytelling family) and I am excited to find another similar podcast. The nice thing about Storynory is that they have longer stories in addition to shorter ones. I am really looking forward to listening to these with the boys.

Check them out!