Still In Love

Ha! And you thought that this was going to be a post about Jeff….nope! Not this time anyways…

This is a post about…politics! Yes politics. I have to admit that I am not overly enthused overall with the Democrats. Don't get me wrong, they are way better then the Bush crowd (but in my opinion it does not take much to jump over that bar), but I am just sick of everyone playing "the game". I would make a horrible politician. And to be honest with you, I want to find someone to support and believe in who is NOT a "politician". Someone who actually has core beliefs that are not dictated by a poll and who is willing to stand up for those beliefs. OK…I guess that you could say that technically Bush does that (of course since I don't agree with him on just about anything it comes across to me more like stubborness!), so I guess that I should add in the caveat that I want them to share at least some of my values and beliefs. Yes, I am an idealist…another reason why I am probably not suited to politics.

So where is the love, you are asking? And for whom? Who is keeping my hope alive there is a chance that I will not have to become totally disillusioned with politics?

Barack Obama of course. I just read another interview with him and I honestly think that he is the real deal. A politician who is in it for the right reasons. Who is not out to just "win" for the sake of winning and beating the other guy. Who is out there because he wants to accomplish things and make this country a better place (for everyone…not just a select few with hopes that the "good times" will trickle down to the masses). I believe him when he talks about his faith and his core values. And I share those core values. And I am in love. With a politician.

So I am counting down the days (20!) until his new book comes out:

Why did you call your new book "The Audacity of Hope"? Why is hope audacious?Because we live in some tough times. Because when you look around the world you see crisis in Darfur, you see conflagrations in the Middle East, you see political polarization at home, you've got environmental crisis, 46 million without health insurance, inner-city children that are trapped in despair. So you know I think it is easy sometimes to say that there is nothing much we can do about it. And you know that the title is a line that I got from a sermon my pastor gave once, which made the point that sometimes it's easier to be cynical and give up hope. But part of our character as a nation has been a sense of optimism, a sense that we can overcome.

Yes, I may be naive and an idealist. And I used to feel guilty about that. But you know what? The world needs idealists like me.

And we need politicians who believe in ideas and getting things done. Who wants to help people. All people. Like Barack Obama.


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