So Much for Catching Up

Winter 2010 - Annandale, Virginia

Mother Nature had a different idea. Short story is that we got more than 2 feet of snow (never got a chance to measure it) and lost power for 30 hours. Managed to stay on top of digging out but my car battery died and our neighborhood road was practically impassable (had 4 trees down and had barely been plowed). Luckily some good friends rescued us so we only had to spend one cold night and we got to have a fun sleepover. Power finally back on yesterday, in time to warm up for the next storm which has already dumped another inch and is expected to result in around 10 more more inches by the end of tomorrow.

I love snow. Honestly. I love how it encourages you to stop and slow down. And I don’t even mind being stuck at home. But not if we don’t have heat. Sigh. Here is hoping that the power stays on this time. I am emotionally and physically spent. In good news, I have lost 3 pounds since Friday. And the snow really is gorgeous. If you have a warm house to enjoy it from.

Wish us luck.

Digging Out - January 2010