Snow Days

Yup, I am still around and yup, it finally snowed on Tuesday. We did not have any measurable snow last year (which greatly bummed out the boys). I was extremely glad to find out that the new boots and snow pants we had gotten Jason last year still fit. One problem here in Virginia is that we never know if we are going to get snow, so we have to buy snow stuff without knowing if it will be used. Of course I can usually hand it on down to Kyle, but still.

Unfortunately poor Kyle woke up that morning with a sore throat and stuffy nose and by 10am was running a 101 degree fever. Talk about poor timing! As a testament to how poorly he was feeling, he did not even complain about not being able to go out in the snow.

Is it really mean of me to take a picture of the poor kid while he was sick? I just couldn't help myself!

Luckily his fever broke that evening and he did get a chance to go out on Wednesday. Things had kind of iced over by then, but he was still able to have fun (no snowballs though!)



Oh and then of course today it was near 60F. We were out in sweatshirts playing with Ellie as she got incredibly muddy in the melting snow. Such is winter in Virginia.

I am hoping to have more time to post, but things are a bit busy right now, mostly with my volunteer work with VaHomeschoolers...did you know that we have a conference coming up in May? Looks to be a lot of fun!