Sliding Into Summer

I always forget how busy we get in June…I feel as if we are finally getting to where summer can begin. Kyle finished up his soccer for the season earlier this month and his gymnastics classes have ended as well. He was taking a claymation class through the local rec center which he really enjoyed…he is very interested in doing some more this summer, so we have stocked up on clay and now I just need to figure out what software he needs.

We had our annual Watergun and Potluck party to enjoy a summer get together with our friends before we head off to Ocean City. Always a lot of fun. And to cap things off, we just spent the weekend on the hottest camping trip we have taken so far (ok, so this was only our 3rd tent camping experience…but it was still really, really hot!) Luckily we were camping with friends at Breezy Point beach…as long as we stayed in the water, it was comfortable. The evenings were gorgeous (had a red, full moon) and the company was fantastic.

To make things even more hectic, Kyle has been having a lot of work done on his mouth within the past month. When he was born, he was tongue-tied. At the time, our pediatrician recommended that we not do anything about it since it was not interfering with his nursing. Turns out that your tongue has a big impact on the proper development of your teeth, mouth and sinuses. Basically, since his tongue has been trapped and not able to move or rest towards the top of his mouth, his mouth is very small and tight. This has led to a major over bite, incorrect swallowing as well as sinus issues.

He had a frenectomy (on his tongue and upper lip) about 3 weeks ago and just had an ALF appliance put in. We are also going to be doing osteopathy and some oral myotherepy to help with the realignment of his jaw/teeth and the retraining of his tongue. My osteopath had recommended the orthodontist we are seeing because he looks at the whole cranial structure, rather than just focusing on the alignment of the teeth. During the initial consult, I was amazed at what he was telling me because it seemed to pull a whole lot of miscellaneous issues that Kyle has had together (he is a very heavy mouth breather at night, has always had sinus issues etc). I think that this will make a big difference for him. I have been telling him that his 30 year old self will be very grateful to his 10 year old self.

He has been a real trouper…the frenectomy went really well, and while not enjoyable, was not too bad. They used a laser with a local pain killer and it was pretty sensitive for a couple of days (although he could eat that evening). He has a lot more mobility with his tongue now. He has had the ALF for about a week now and has been able to adjust to it (it is changing the way that his jaw is aligned and he has had to learn how to chew again). The first full day was the worst as his teeth were aching. But he is back to eating solid foods again and it does not seem to be bothering him much lately.

So now all that is left is for me to pack and we will hopefully be heading out to Ocean City on Thursday. Hope to pick up the pace of blogging once we get settled in. Wish me luck!